ICD-10-CM Codes List

Last modified: Oct 4, 2015.

Below is a breakdown of ICD-10-CM codes arranged in a tree-like menu fashion based on their chapters and sub-chapters. Sections marked with the little plus sign are collapsible, and clicking on them will reveal their contents. You can navigate further down on the diagnostic categories tree to find an individual ICD-10-CM code. Occasionally, finding a code is easier this way, so I encourage you to give it a try.

To browse all ICD-CM 10 codes, please click on each chapter name from the list below. You may also click on the + sign at the left of each chapter/sub-chapter. Please note this section is not finished yet. If you find it really useful and would like to speed up the process, head to our ICD-10 forum and let us know.

ICD 10 Codes List: